Tips for accurately determining the cockfighting date according to the experience of a cockfighter

Do you wonder how cockfighters predict cockfighting results accurately? The world of cockfighting is a world full of mystery and technique. In this article, we will answer your questions about the secret to watching cockfighting dates and how it can help you achieve impressive wins. Let’s explore!
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Why do we need to see the date when participating in cockfighting?

No matter what form of cockfighting you participate in, from iron spurs to knife spurs, the ability to predict the outcome of the match always has potential elements of risk. When cocks fight, cockers will look for tips and methods to help their cocks win. Among those tips, there is a part based on the use of cockfighting date tips.

Tips for determining cockfighting dates can depend on many different factors, however, in this sharing article, we will focus on the three most important factors: the five elements, seasons and 12 zodiac animals.

The method of viewing cockfighting dates is based on the five elements

Professionals in the secret to reading the date of cockfighting attach great importance to reading the date based on the five elements combined with the color of the chicken’s feathers to gain a deeper understanding of the compatibility and opposition between them. Through this, they can find the most suitable day to put their fighting cocks into the fight, thereby increasing their chances of winning.

The Five Elements is a concept consisting of 5 basic elements: Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth. These elements exist in everything around us and are widely used in everyday life. In particular, in the secret to telling the cockfighting date based on the five elements, the color of the chicken’s feathers is a particularly important point.

Each type of fighting cock with a different feather color is assigned a specific color:

  • Chickens with yellow feathers belong to the color of Metal.
  • Chickens with gray feathers belong to the color of Wood.
  • Chickens with black feathers or black chickens belong to the color of Water.
  • Chickens with red, cashew or purple feathers belong to the color of Fire.
  • Chickens with brown feathers belong to the Earth color.

Based on the color of the fighting cock’s life, cockers will consider and choose the most suitable fighting day for their fighting cocks. Suitable days are determined according to the rules of the five elements as follows:

  • Onion Kim: New Day.
  • Wood element: At/Giap day.
  • Hanh Thuy:Day Nham/Quarter.
  • Element of Fire: Binh/Ding day.
  • Hanh Tho:Mau/Ky day.

In addition, also based on the law of the five elements, we can deduce the conflicts and interactions between different types of fighting cocks:

  • Kim network: The Gray/Swallow/Yellow chicken will win against the Purple chicken.
  • Moc network: Gray/Swallow/Purple chickens will win against Cashew chickens/Eagle chickens.
  • Thuy Network: The Ostrich/Swallow/Eagle chicken will win against the Golden Eagle chicken.
  • Fire Network:The Gray/Eagle chicken will win against the Swallow chicken.
  • Earth Network:The Gray/Swallow/Eagle/Yellow chicken will win against the Black chicken.

Choose the appropriate cockfighting day based on the color of the chicken’s feathers

Which day is the most suitable to participate in cockfighting? Below are tips for viewing cockfighting dates and instructions for choosing fighting dates for each type of cock:

Cashew Chicken

  • Blue Cashew Chicken: You should go to war on At and Giap days. Avoid Monkey and Horse days.
  • Red Cashew Chicken: You should go to battle on Binh and Dinh days. Avoid Pig and Goat days.
  • Yellow Cashew Chicken: You should go to war on Mau and Ky days.

Butterfly Chicken

For Butterfly chickens, the best days to fight are in Canh and Tan, helping Kim chickens best show their fighting ability.
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Gray Chicken

The Gray Chicken, with a wood element, is suitable for battle on the days of Giap and At. However, it is necessary to consider both the location and the opponent to ensure victory.

Khet Chicken

Khet chickens are usually yellow and red. Yellow-burnt chickens should go to war on Mau or Ky days, avoid Binh and Dinh days. In the secret to watching cockfighting days, red-burnt chickens often fight well on Binh and Dinh days.

Remember, choosing a match date also requires careful consideration of actual conditions, location and opponents to have the best chance of winning.

Revealing methods and tips for viewing cockfighting dates according to season

Cockers with many years of experience have carefully observed and noticed the relationship between chicken feather color and seasonal changes. Depending on the color of the chicken’s feathers, they can understand the highest fighting ability in the four seasons of the year according to the secret to viewing cockfighting dates: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.

Based on the chart below, we can see some tips for viewing cockfighting dates, specific examples are as follows:

  • Kim chickens often show their strongest fighting spirit in the spring. Chickens with gray feathers often have good fighting ability. In this case, you should avoid choosing chickens with the color of swallow or yellow eagle feathers.
  • Moc chickens, usually with feathers of cashew or yellow, often compete well in the summer. However, the secret to watching cockfighting dates is not to choose chickens with umbrella or swallow feathers when confronting them this season.

How to consider cockfighting dates related to the 12 zodiac animals

Experienced cockfighters not only use the principles of the five elements and feather colors, but they also attach importance to reading the day based on the 12 zodiac animals to find the luckiest and most effective combination for fighting cocks. Below is detailed information on tips for watching cockfighting dates:

  • Rat Day: You should choose chickens with brown feathers or brown feathers for fighting. Avoid choosing gray chickens to avoid failure.
  • Ox Day:You are lucky if you choose a chicken with purple or cashew feathers.
  • Tiger Day: To increase your odds of winning, you should choose chickens with gray feathers and avoid black chickens.
  • Tip Day: Chickens with dark or gray feathers are good choices.
  • Dragon Day:Chickens with fluffy banana, cashew, and purple feathers are suitable for fighting with iron spurs, avoid gray chickens.
  • Snake Day: You should not choose chickens with white or purple feathers, instead, chickens with cotton or five-colored feathers are a good choice.
  • Horse Day: Choose chickens with gray, black, and cashew feathers to be favorable to the god of wealth.
  • Goat Day: Choose chickens with blue or eagle feathers to fight with iron spurs, avoid gray, red, and purple chickens.
  • Dear Date:Chickens with banana-colored feathers are a good choice; do not choose green or blue-colored chickens.
  • Rooster Day: Chickens have suitable plumage colors, avoid blue, cashew, and banana-colored chickens.
  • Dog Day: Cockfighting with chickens with feathers of orange or banana color is good, avoid chickens with iridescent cotton feathers to avoid losing.
  • Pig Day: You should choose chickens with feathers of blue, green, or cotton feathers, avoid red chickens to avoid bad luck.


Through this article,New88 Discovered with you the secrets to watching cockfight day. Experienced cockfighters have imparted extensive knowledge on the principles of the five elements, feather colors, and the 12 zodiac animals, helping us optimize our chances of winning in the challenging world of cockfighting. Trust and apply these tips, and hopefully you will achieve impressive results in your upcoming matches!

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