Moving forward Zingplay and what new brothers need to know

Game Tien Len Zingplay is one of the games that attracts a large number of participants today. Especially for those who have little time and want to have a moment of relaxation and relieve pressure, this card game is very suitable. So let’s join together Kubet11 Find out what Tien Len Zingplay includes.

Some information about Tien Len Zingplay 

Tien Len Zingplay is an online card game that is extremely familiar to Vietnamese people. This game has very simple rules and gameplay. In addition, Zingplay Tien Len interface is quite eye-catching and easy to attract you from the first time you join. If you want quick and convenient entertainment, this card game is a very reasonable choice. 

At the same time, the rules and gameplay of Tien Len Zingplay are kept the same by the Publisher as in real life. Accordingly, the 52-card deck of cards is still used. Each member will receive 13 cards. Whoever plays all the cards in their hand first is considered the winner. 

However, the biggest difference of Tien Len Zingplay compared to traditional is that there is only 1 winner and takes the entire bet. The remaining members must share the bet capital based on the cards in hand. 

Tien Tien Zingplay is an online card game. Therefore, you need to have a stable network connection to join with friends. Setting up a playroom is also quite easy, with few operations. You will balance the amount of money you have to access pre-made channels such as tenant farmers. millionaires and Billionaires. 

Instructions on how to participate in Tien Len Zingplay 

If you want to play Tien Len Zingplay, you need to do some basic steps such as: create an account, log in and select the Tien Len game folder. Below are step-by-step details for you to understand better. 

Register and log in 

Currently, Zingplay supports mobile app versions for IOS and Android. So if you don’t have a computer, you can use your Smartphone to download directly very conveniently. The remaining steps to register for all 3 platforms will be as follows: 

  • Step 1: Visit the Zingplay homepage or game portal app.
  • Step 2: On the home page, click on the registration section in the top right corner of the screen. 
  • Step 3: Fill in your username, password and re-enter then click Register. 
  • Step 4: You can use your Gmail or Facebook account to register faster. 
  • Step 5: After successfully creating, wait for the game portal to log in automatically. 

Steps to play Tien Len Zingplay

After you have successfully logged in to the main lobby Zingplay, please continue to follow these steps:
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  • Step 1: In the main lobby, go to the Game section. 
  • Step 2: In the Game section, select Tien Len Southern and wait for the system to download. 
  • Step 3: Once in Tien Len Mien Nam, click Select table and wait for the system to display a search list. 
  • Step 4: Please see which playroom suits your finances and click on it. 
  • Step 5: After entering the room, select Start or Ready if the game is still going on. 
  • Step 6: If you want to create a private room, you can go to the Create table section and enter the desired bet amount and select Agree. 
  • Step 7: If you want to quickly find a Random room, you can click Quick Play and wait for the system to automatically do it for you. 
  • Step 8: When you are in the game, you can ask the system to automatically arrange cards for you using the Sort button. 
  • Step 9: You play by pressing the Play button to show the card when the screen displays your turn. 
  • Step 10: If you do not want to play a strong card, you have the right to choose Skip Turn. 
  • Step 11: If you play in rotation and run out of cards before the other member, you win the entire bet. 

Tips for playing Tien Len Zingplay at its best

Basically, the way for you to participate and play Tien Len Zingplay is not complicated or difficult. However, if you want to become a master of this card game, read all the tips below. 

Practice memorizing lessons 

In order for you to win more easily when playing Tien Len Zingplay, you need to have good memory. Thanks to that, you can memorize all the cards that other members have played. From there, you will be able to guess which cards your opponent has left. 

To remember the cards, you need to identify and know which cards you are holding and what cards you have played. In addition, you can improve your ability by memorizing the cards that your opponent has produced. 

Let’s say the opponent plays 2 to block the next person from following. Meanwhile, you guys are holding the strongest pig. This is the time for you to make a move and take the initiative. But you need to calm down and remember everything. Because unfortunately the member sitting next to you owns a set of four or four, then you will “definitely die”. 

Practice a lot 

All card players who play Tien Len Zingplay must go through a rigorous training process. Therefore, you cannot become a master at this card game if you do not work hard. It is from actual battles that will help you gain more experience and skills to handle situations better. 

Suppose you are dealt 13 extremely beautiful and powerful cards. But if you lack experience and skills, you will still lose normally. Therefore, try your best to practice regularly to become a master of the card game Tien Len Zingplay.

Understand the rules of the game and your opponent’s playing style 

If you are an experienced player, when participating in Tien Len Zingplay, pretend to lose a few games. This will help you find out your opponent’s playing style and habits. From there, you immediately know which members play well and who play poorly, making it easier to take precautions. 

Accordingly, if any member skips a turn, you should see if that person is planning to keep the cards or lacks cards. From this detail, you will deal a “fatal” blow to stop your opponent’s moves.

In addition, before participating in Tien Len Zingplay, you need to firmly grasp the rules of the game and fully equip yourself with knowledge. Of course, it is extremely difficult for you to apply theory into practice. 

Pay attention to the pigs so they don’t rot 

When playing Tien Len Zingplay, you must always pay attention to the pig pieces you own. In addition, if you only own a set of 4 pairs of cards or Aces of Hearts, the same should apply. If you haven’t seen any opponents willing to fight, you should be patient. You can lure a suspicious member to pawn the goods by playing scattered odd cards. 

When you apply the above method, there will always be members who bring pigs out to block. At that time, you should use 4 pairs of pine needles to eat your opponent’s goods. That way, you don’t need to have 2 to still win normally. 


Above is all information about the card game Go Zingplay. Through this you will learn more about this game. In particular, you should apply real combat experience and personal skills to fight Tien Len more effectively. Because the difference between Zingplay and traditional card games is not much.

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