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Learn How to play Long Phuong chess effectively will help you improve your chances of winning at In the article below, you will learn important information about the rules of the game and strategies to easily succeed. Please join us to become a master and achieve big profits.

The most basic way to play Long Phuong chess

This is an intellectual game, which has occupied a leading position in the hearts of chess players today. To win this game, you need to clearly understand the specific game rules as follows:

How to play Long Phuong chess is easy to understand

What does a Long Phuong chess set contain?

To organize a Long Phuong chess match, you first need to prepare a chessboard with appropriate chess pieces. In How to play Long Phuong chess, each game only allows a maximum of two players to participate.

  • Chessboard: The game uses a square chessboard measuring 9×9. This is equivalent to being divided into 9 rows and 9 columns, forming small squares. Horizontal rows are usually marked from A to I, while vertical rows are numbered from 1 to 9.
  • Chess pieces: The game uses a total of 40 chess pieces, divided equally between two teams and distinguished by two different colors, usually blue and orange. There are types of troops such as: King, general, scholar, cavalry, chariot, dragon, phoenix, and average. Understanding how to use each type of chess piece will help you become a worthy opponentwell in this game.

BBasic Long Phuong chess set

How to place the Dragon and Phoenix chess pieces

Once you have chosen your team, arranging the pieces is also very important How to play Long Phuong chess. Below is the correct setting that you can refer to:

  • The King needs to be placed in the middle of the last row, creating a safe position.
  • Two generals will be located on the left and right sides of the king, serving as protection and participating in attack tactics.
  • Two soldiers will be placed behind the general, followed by two cavalry soldiers. Knights and cavalry play an important role in protecting positions and defending.
  • The two rooks will be located at the corner of the board, play a support role and can move a long distance.
  • The dragon and phoenix pieces will be placed outside the ring and they will be deployed in the first two turns of each team.
  • According to How to play Long Phuong chess, The troops will be spread evenly on the third horizontal line from the last line, creating a solid defense line.

Detailed rules of Long Phuong chess

To win, participants first need to learn the detailshow to play. As follows:

Detailed rules of Long Phuong chess

How to arrange Long Phuong troops

In How to play Long Phuong chess, whichever side owns the orange piece will have priority to deploy first. Therefore, before starting the match, the two players need to agree on who will own the orange piece.

After the agreement is complete, the two sides will proceed to arrange the Dragon and Phuong pieces respectively in the empty rows and columns on the chessboard. This needs to be done carefully to ensure fairness for both parties. The player holding the orange pieces will place the Dragon and Phoenix pieces on row B on the other side of the board, while the player holding the blue pieces will place the pieces on row H.

Flag rotation rules

A special and interesting point in How to play Long Phuong chess is the ability to rotate the chess pieces’ legs at a right angle. You can rotate the legs of any piece except kings, dragons and phoenixes.

This is an important part of the game, allowing players to create creative defensive, offensive and counter-attack moves. This way, you can adjust their positions to make the most of the situation on the board and create breakthrough moves.
See :

CLong Phuong chess player rotates the flag

Go and go spin

In How to play Long Phuong chess, players move the pieces according to the image displayed on the surface of the board. Black squares usually designate the starting position of the pieces, while other colored squares also have different functions:

  • Solid color: Allows the piece to move 1 square in the specified direction.
  • Light color: Allows the piece to move continuously many cells in the specified direction until it encounters an obstacle.

Out of flags

If either team puts the opponent’s piece in check, then that team will win. This requires players to understand clearly How to play Dragon and Phoenix chess and use strategies and moves intelligently. In case there is no way to checkmate the king and no viable move, the game will be considered a draw.

Above is all related information How to play Long Phuong chess. Hopefully this article will help you better understand this sport and have the best way to play at NEW88. Wishing you lots of luck to win.

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